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Giveaway drawing winners!

Samples up for grabs:

  1. puredistance Antonia
  2. Xerjoff Elle
  3. DSH Jitterbug
  4. SL Bas de Soie
  5. Diptyque Philosykos
  6. vintage Coty L’Origan & Guerlain L’Heure Bleue

Those eligible for the draw, in order of entry:

  1. Dionne
  2. Elisa
  3. Taffynfontana
  4. Samm
  5. Monica
  6. Isa
  7. helenviolette
  8. Undina
  9. Tulip
  10. TaffyJ
  11. Elise
  12. Barbara

Taz helped me pull names out of my grandmother’s pink Depression glass bowl*.  The idea was that the first person chosen would receive their first choice of sample.

Winner #1:  Tulip, who has won the sample of Philosykos.

Winner #2: Barbara, who has won the sample of Bas de Soie.

Winner #3: Undina, who has won the sample of Antonia.

Winner #4: TaffyJ, who has won the sample of Jitterbug.

Winner #5: Helenviolette, who has won the sample of Xerjoff Elle.

Winner #6: Samm, who has won the samples of L’Origan and L’Heure Bleue.

Those of you whose names came out of the bowl, please contact me by email (malsnano86 at gmail dot com) and send me your (real) names and shipping addresses!  I will get these out in the mail by next Monday afternoon.

*Pattern: Hocking Manhattan (also produced in green and crystal), in the berry bowl size.  My grandmother — this was Bambaw, the grandmother that lived with  my parents from the time I was 6 months old until she died, at age almost-92 — collected all kinds of Depression glass, in various pink and green patterns.  My sister got the green dishes and I got the pink ones.  There are at least five different patterns that I can identify (Anchor Cameo,  Hocking Mayfair, Hocking Manhattan, Hocking Old Colony Lace, and Indiana Glass Windsor).  I’m thinking of keeping only some of them.  There’s a good collection of Mayfair luncheon plates, bowls, candy dishes, and cups, and the Manhattan pieces are so pretty; the rest I don’t love but someone else might.

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