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Monday, Oct. 3: Cloudy and chilly. Gaze’s fever last night kept him out of school today, but he is feeling better and playing Wii Golf. SOTMorning: SSS “classic” tester version, not yet available. It’s not playing nicely with me – a celery-like note has raised its ugly head. I hope Laurie tweaks it such that I can wear it, but it’s much much nicer on paper, so maybe it’s just my skin.

SOTD: Le Labo Aldehydes 44, reviewed for the “An AldeHo Dishes” series. Bought groceries. Finished cleaning Taz’ room in preparation for painting, then spackled the walls. (What has that kid been doing in his room, to put so many dents in his walls?!) Started to tape the baseboards and mouldings.

Tuesday, Oct. 4: Took Gaze to the doctor because of his continued sore throat and mouth sores. He has a virus which could be foot, hand, and mouth disease, but since he’s only got a few of the symptoms, it might not be that. In any case, he’s contagious and supposed to stay home from school at least until Thursday.

Taped Taz’ walls and began to paint. I talked him into a slightly softer deep green, and I hope the ivy green we settled on will be easier to complement with bed linens and curtains than that screaming John Deere green. SOTD, after finishing two walls: vintage Coty Emeraude parfum de toilette. Lovely stuff, I should wear it more often.

Taz at The Homeplace

Wednesday, Oct. 5: Happy birthday to Taz!! Eleven years with my beautiful “surprise present.” Love you, sweetie. Happy second birthday to my darling nephew Chopper D, as well! (This is Birthday Month for the Museinwoodenshoes Boys – father and sons, all of them October boys. Gaze will turn 13 next week, and The CEO will turn, um… 39… in the last few days of the month.)

Made four batches of brownies: three for a fundraiser bake sale for the marching band, and one for Taz to take to school for a treat tomorrow. SOTD: Le Labo Aldehyde 44 again. Also, had to go to the middle school and pick up Gaze’s classwork.

Painted Taz’ bedroom. Dinner, as requested by the birthday boy: chicken strips, curly fries, green beans and mandarin oranges, with red velvet cake for dessert. SOTEvening: Mary Greenwell Plum. Ah, Plum, how I’ve missed you!

Thursday, Oct. 6: Beautiful day. Finished the paint touch-ups in Taz’ bedroom – I’d thought I was finished, but the morning light revealed way too many white speckles where the green paint lacked full coverage. SOTD: Sushi Imperiale, which has that shaving-cream amber I hate so much. Dang. (Anybody want a slightly-used 5ml decant?)

Went to sleep in about six spritzes of the lovely, calm Mariella Burani. Yum.

Friday, Oct. 7: Foggy morning. It’s Fall Break at Virginia Tech, so The CEO is home doing stuff around the house along with me, getting ready for our two Chinese Eisenhower Fellows who’ll be visiting us this weekend. SOTMorning: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur.

I’m hoping to get things in good enough shape so that we can go to the football game tonight. I need another marching band fix (Lord knows the game isn’t going to be any fun to watch and the team will be 0 and 6 by the end of it).

Mowed grass, cleaned bathrooms, did six loads of laundry. House not bad.

(Uh, yeah, my prediction was correct: bad game. PCHS Football has now lost their sixth game in a row. Watched my favorite band do a good job, though. SOTEvening: SSS Tabac Aurea.)

Saturday, Oct. 8: Cleaned house. House pretty good (though not perfect). SOTD, on the theory that Asians are less comfortable with heavy scents: Hilde Soliani Il Tuo Tulipano. As this goes on, it gets less fruity-floral and more creamy-almondy, though, so not exactly as “light” as I remembered it.

Bookworm came in 6th of 55 runners in her cross-country race today. The CEO’s sister E is visiting her mom this weekend, along with my adorable niece and nephew Primrose and Curiosity. Our Chinese visitors, “Bill” and Dr. Men, are really pleasant (which I expected)! I hope they enjoy being here. Gaze did a great job taking them around the farm on the Gator, and showing them tractors and hay bales and cows.

Dinner was honey-soy glazed salmon, green beans, pineapple, and rice.

Sunday, Oct. 9: Foggy morning. Since Bookworm had to be home early in the afternoon to lead a cross-country practice, she went to church with PETBoy (again!) instead of going with the rest of us. Cereal for breakfast so we could leave by 8:30. We went to church, dropped by the Virginia Tech campus, and then drove to Catawba for lunch at The Homeplace, a restaurant located in an old farmhouse, which is famous for its southern-style food served “homestyle.” It does not take reservations, so you have to get your name on the list when you get there and just wait. (And wait. It’s very popular on Sundays.) We ate country ham, fried chicken, pinto beans, mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, green beans with ham hock, fried apples, cole slaw, and biscuits, with peach cobbler a la mode for dessert. Discovered that Bill and Dr. Men do not like sweetened iced tea.

SOTMorning: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. I suspect that it was my perfume making our visitors sneeze in the van, so I didn’t put any more on while they were here.

Gaze, Bill, The CEO, and Dr Men playing football at The Homeplace

We came home and met E, Primrose and Curiosity, and then everyone except E and me went out to play touch football in the front yard. This occasioned explanations from Gaze as to how to play quarterback, and from Curiosity as to how to block. There was a lot of laughing.

I made dinner: roast beef, gravy, broccoli-cheddar rice, steamed broccoli, peas, and mixed berries, with red velvet cake (the remains of Taz’ birthday cake) for dessert. The last time we hosted an Eisenhower Fellow, a lovely Chinese lady brought us some fancy green tea, so we drank a lot of that over the weekend. I have finally figured out that green tea is meant to be made with water considerably cooler than boiling. The CEO’s mom joined us for dinner, and it was a very enjoyable evening.

Bookworm talked to Bill about her expanded-curriculum classes at the Governor’s School and about her future plans (nebulous right now), while Taz regaled Dr. Men with some Virginia history. Then The CEO and Bill started talking about investments; I listened and cleaned up the kitchen.

Bonus day, Monday, Oct. 10: Made a proper breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon as well as orange slices. The CEO took the boys to school while I packed roast beef sandwiches for our guests and E and her kids, since E graciously agreed to drive Dr. Men and Bill to Dulles, which is within twenty minutes’ drive of her house and she was going that way today in any case.

It was a lovely weekend.

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