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Remember my Fashion Blog Rant the other day?  Well, I’ve been doing some digging around, and there’s a whole world of fashion blogging out there, my friends!  It’s all new to me.

First the good news:  not all the fashion bloggers are snarky Mean Girls.  In fact, the ones that are tend to be young and very, very focused on trends.  I’ve run across several that I enjoyed and that I’ll be revisiting, and I’ll add them to a sidebar soon.  The ones I really like are mostly, like perfume bloggers, Doing it for Fun, with an eye to assisting people who need a little help (uh, that would be me).   

The bad news: the Young Snarky Trendy ones are the ones that show up on Yahoo! Shine and other fashion-mag-type sites.  It took lots of sifting for me to find bloggers who are genuinely interested in helping readers develop their own sense of style, based on lifestyle, budget, body type and coloring.   Some of the sites recommended by commenters here were helpful to me, and some were more focused on What’s Hot/What’s Not – which is definitely not my area of interest.  (If What’s Hot is already your interest, there’s nothing for you to see here, move along… and by the way, I envy you,  just a teensy weensy bit.) I’ll be adding some of my favorites to a sidebar soon. 

Which brings me to another point that I’ve been mulling over for some time: people come into the Fragrance Kingdom from several different directions.  Some people want to recreate the past in some small way, whether it’s their own personal past or just a period of time that interests them.  For some people, it’s a matter of completing their grooming – they want a nice smell to spray on, the way they look for a great haircut or a terrific body lotion.  For some people, fragrance is a way of experiencing art, in the same way one experiences Schoenfeld or Kandinsky or, say, Christian Lacroix’ showy red evening gown here at left.  And for some few, it’s a fascinating intersection of chemistry, business, and psychology.

I look around at my fellow perfume bloggers – those of us nutty enough about the stuff to want to write about it – and I can generally divide us into two camps: those of us who are primarily interested in fashion and beauty as well as scent, and those of us who are more interested in music, art, and literature.  I’m not saying, mind you, that there’s no overlap.  Of course there’s overlap.  There are probably perfume bloggers who are just as interested in DiorShow mascara as in a gallery showing of Sofia Minson’s work (her “Messenger” here at right),  just as excited by the Alexandre Vauthier winter couture collection as by a new Margaret Atwood novel.

I’m not one of them.  Undoubtedly, my world would be bigger if I were one of those people… of course, it would be bigger still if I ever got to read every novel, see every piece of art or sculpture or architecture, hear every piece of music that I wanted.  I feel that I don’t have enough mental space, or enough free time, to go slashing round Macy’s (look, some of us don’t even have a Sephora or an Ulta or a Saks to complain about, okay?) looking for The Best Eyeliner Ever, or The Perfect Pair of Boots.  I’d rather be listening to a performance of Vivaldi’s Gloria.  Or, to be honest, reading Treasure Island to my kids. 

You pays your money and you takes your choice.  If it sounds like I’m dismissing the validity of interest in fashion, I’m not.  Really.  It just hasn’t been what I’ve chosen in my own life.

And how did I get sucked into Perfumista-hood?  Well, it started with Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose, which I bought and wore and loved for several months after a period of lean financial times and babies at home.  From there, I started investigating the Coco Mademoiselle that my sister had asked for as a Christmas gift, and ran across Now Smell This… and when I started intentionally smelling fragrances, a wildly new area of my brain lit up, emotional and richly sensuous, and I wanted to go and live in it.  Mostly I just visit – but it pushed me back into writing fiction, after a hiatus of nearly 16 years.  Worth it, I say, even if I never publish.

But this new interest in fashion, I think, I hope, will take me in a direction of simplicity.  Ditch the stuff that doesn’t fit, that doesn’t flatter, that didn’t survive the 56th washing, that for whatever reason just doesn’t work.  Stick with fewer classic well-made basics in colors I like, even if they’re expensive, and accent with a few new, inexpensive things each season (and those big silk scarves I love)… well, it sounds simpler, anyway.   Simple is good.  I can buy into paring down the things that don’t matter as much to me as my weekly choral group, or NaNoWriMo.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of my experiences as time goes on.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to share how you got interested in perfume, I’d love to hear.

Incidentally, most of these links are informational only.  I think that only one of them leads to a place where you could actually buy something (the DiorShow, of course), and it’s not a recommendation because a) $24 for a mascara seems ludicrous to me and b) I haven’t even tried it.  Top image is from Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, lower one from Artfind.

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