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Monday, Dec. 26: Busybusybusy, mostly cleaning up from Christmas. SOTD: Um… nothing. Forgot. (Forgot! That’s just crazy.)

Bookworm was packing up her stuff for the marching band’s trip to the Champs Sports Bowl in Florida, where they’ll join several other bands to provide the halftime show. They’re also going to see the Blue Man Group, eat dinner at Medieval Times, go to the Universal Studios themepark and Islands of Adventure, and march in the Mini Macy’s Day Parade at Universal, as well as attend the bowl game and play the halftime show. Fun trip – for them, anyway. (You could not pay me enough to induce me to go as a chaperone to 72 teenagers, but there are plenty of parents going, such that there is one parent for each group of four kids. Better them than me, I say.)

Curiosity and Primrose came over and spent much of the day here with us, the kids playing football out in the yard with their cousins. That was lovely. Bookworm and PETBoy went out on another of their mysterious outings in which they go to visit his mother’s grave, and then they came back to have dinner with us and watch a DVD on the new big-screen TV.

I did put on a bit of B&BW Dark Kiss lotion before bed, which I like very much but have to limit my access to since it’s become Bookworm’s default fragrance. Had to get up at 2:20 a.m. to take Bookworm to the high school; the band bus was scheduled to leave at 3:30. Aargh.

Tuesday, Dec. 27: Slept late. Who wouldn’t? Broken night, and rain in the morning… good sleeping weather, as they say around here. SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman. I had been considering Bottega Veneta. I’m determined to finish this darn review, even though I keep getting stuck on it. Is it better to review something new and well-done I don’t particularly like, or to go back into my stash and talk about something that isn’t all over the other blogs? I think it depends. I think I should discuss Bottega Veneta and how nice it is to see a mainstream release that’s not mindless – and also why I don’t like it.

I have something of the same feeling about Prada Candy. Although I like it, it doesn’t induce rapture, and I don’t think I have much of interest to add to the discussion of it. I think perhaps instead of separate reviews, I may do a post on gourmand fragrances in general, with mini-reviews. I love writing mini-reviews anyway.

I packed up all the Christmas wrapping stuff and put it in the attic. I reuse gift bags and tissue paper and bows if at all possible, only throwing them away when they’re irretrievably battered. This approach is slightly greener than wrapping everything in paper and throwing it away when used, but then I’m not terribly green (as in environmentally conscious) except where it is economically sensible and/or convenient. I recycle, of course, which involves taking paper/plastics/aluminum to the town recycling center once a month, which is neither convenient nor economically sensible, but rather a civic duty, in my opinion. But I won’t go so far as to insist on wrapping everything in dish towels. I like gift bags.

Wednesday, Dec. 28: SOTD: Champagne de Bois. Gaze helped The CEO move a bunch of cows and then doctor them (anti-pest pour-on medication to get them through the winter without worms and lice, and the annual disease-preventing shot).

Watched part of “Men Who Stare At Goats” (George Clooney, Ewan MacGregor) with The CEO. We’ve seen it before, and it’s just So Bizarre that I couldn’t take it and went to bed. SOBedtime: Havana Vanille.

Thursday, Dec. 29: Frosty-cold. Happy 17th birthday to PETBoy! SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman. I must have worn this thing six times by now, and I still can’t figure it out. It’s wackalicious.


PCHS marching band in Orlando, photo by Nicole Ward. Bookworm's fourth from the left in the front row, with her gloves tucked up in her left epaulet strap.

We watched the Champs Sports Bowl (Florida State vs. Notre Dame) to see if we could get a glimpse of Bookworm and the PCHS marching band, but no dice. I hate it that you never get to see the halftime show when you watch a televised football game – except for the Super Bowl, but that’s not my kinda halftime show. You know me: I like marching bands, not the Black Eyed Peas.

The CEO and boys took down the Christmas tree today, because it was starting to get a little crunchy. We left up the garland and the electric candles in the windows, as well as the nutcrackers, which I usually leave on display until the second week of January because I lurves them so much.

Read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and enjoyed it very much. A strange novel, but delightfully strange (like Memoir, perhaps). Detractors on Amazon’s review pages don’t seem to like it because it “doesn’t make sense,” but it’s fantasy, people, it’s not supposed to “make sense.” The story’s coherent; just because you can’t explain what happens in it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. I was reminded of the bizarre and inexplicable and wonderful things that happen in Roald Dahl’s delightful classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have these people never read Dahl? Probably not. Or they excuse the fantastic elements by saying, “Oh, it’s a kids’ book.” In any case, the author mentions Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab on her acknowledgements page, and I found that delightful as well. I hope that doesn’t mean that I’ll have to go and snap up BPAL imps now, which I have been avoiding doing. It would be so much better to go and sniff those in person. If they’ve got a Night Circus sample, I might have to get it. I’m guessing it would have notes of caramel apple and bonfire and popcorn, maybe the candles from the Wishing Tree, or the roses from the Ice Garden…

Friday, Dec. 30: My little desk, the one I keep my laptop on? It’s walnut. Well, it smells like Memoir Woman. Not surprising, of course, since I’ve worn it several times this week, but nice.

We took delivery of a new young bull today. The CEO wants to call him Hamlet, because his ear tag says… well, you guess.

I kept forgetting to put on perfume today, mostly because Memoir has stuck to me, even through a shower. Also, I am easily distracted when everybody is home. Aargh. The kids start school again on Jan. 2, so I won’t have to keep running the dishwasher twice a day. I finally put on a bit of Liz Zorn Centennial not long before bedtime. Cozy.

Saturday, Dec. 31: Warm today, in the low 50s. Fed the calf, cleaned the house. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum. The day’s mail contained a package from France (squee!), with a sample package of some of the L’Oeuvre Noire scents and all three of the Arabian Nights scents, because I had “liked” the By Kilian page on Facebook way back in October when they were offering this sample set. I’d been thinking about Sweet Redemption, so I nabbed that one right out of the package and spritzed it on. Whoa. Full review coming up (and I mean that this time, not like with Prada Candy and Bottega Veneta, which I really should review but can’t seem to find the enthusiasm for).

Bookworm came home this evening! So glad to see my girl; I missed her. Her brothers would say they didn’t miss her at all, but I notice they were pretty huggy with her.

Sunday, Jan. 1: Happy New Year! Church today, followed by the removal of most of the Christmas decorations, our New Year’d Day family tradition. SOTD: Sweet Redemption again.

My parents came by for a visit and took us all out for dinner, and that was lovely. SOTE: Mary Greenwell Plum. You know, I went back over the past year’s Scent Diaries and counted up the number of times I wore fragrances, and Plum was the thing I wore most often. (Duh, right?) The fragrance next on the frequency list was Alahine, and I wore Plum twice as often as I wore Alahine!

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PCHS band in competition Saturday. Alto Sax-playing Bookworm is standing on the 40-yard line, second person back.

Monday, Sept. 26: Cloudy and windy. Dropped the boys off at school, Bookworm having driven herself (argh, my baby is driving!) in the Ranger earlier this morning. Did the grocery shopping, and on the way managed to spritz a bit of Lady Stetson, which Tania Sanchez praises pretty highly in P:TG. I think I’ll do an aldehydes review series. Seems that I’ve already reviewed a buncha aldehydies, and I own minis or decants of a buncha others, so getting review material should be a snap.

SOTAfternoon: Divine L’Ame Soeur. Either it’s giving me a headache, or my sinuses are getting really bad… hard to tell. I don’t usually have aldehydic headaches, and I know my sinuses are blocked up. (I can still smell things at the moment. However, that will probably change tomorrow. The usual ragweed allergy progression is that my throat gets sore first from drainage, then my sinuses get blocked, then snot runs down my nose for three days, and it may or may not clear up.)

I kissed Taz at bedtime and realized he was running a fever. Gave him some ibuprofen and told him not to get up in the morning.

Tuesday, Sept. 27: Taz was feeling better today, so we cleaned out his closet of numerous boxes of outgrown clothes I’d been saving for my nephew… who now lives in Texas. I don’t suppose it’s worth shipping hand-me-downs, so out they went, to the Goodwill collection box.

Too busy for a SOTD (how often does that happen? not very), but the SOTEvening is Parfums DelRae Amoureuse. Yum.

I had been planning of getting some photo prints made of Bookworm and PETBoy at Homecoming – especially for The CEO’s mother, who doesn’t have a computer I can email them to – but Bookworm came home from band practice with a framed 8×10 of the two of them. Supposedly, PETBoy’s dad accidentally ordered one print too many, but this smacks of planning to me. It’s only Tuesday. Not that I’m annoyed; in fact, I think it was pretty thoughtful. So: a thoughtful, organized, and generous gesture? Yep, that was definitely PETBoy’s idea.  What a sweetie.

Wednesday, Sept. 28: SOTMorning: Vintage Robert Piguet Baghari eau de cologne on one wrist, modern Baghari eau de parfum on the other. Each one only lasted about 2.5 hours, even spritzed wet. Arrrrgh. Was going to review these for the AldeHo series, but I’m just not. The vintage is more face-powdery and the modern more woody, and that’s all I have to say about them. The rest of the day was taken up with laundry and generously-spritzed PdN Le Temps d’une Fete.

Thursday, Sept. 29: Beautiful weather today!! Gorgeous, in the mid-70s, sunny. Wore Chanel 31 Rue Cambon to the awards assembly at the high school this morning. Really nice to see a goodly percentage, about 40%, of the band kids honored for academic achievements (3.6 or above GPA, no grade below a B).  Mowed the grass this afternoon, and then put on some more 31RC.

Friday, Sept. 30: The kids are out of school for a “faculty development day.” (Small rant: why don’t they do these during the summer? I’m fine with paying the teachers for these continued-education seminars, and I’m glad such things are available to them, but I wish these classes were not scheduled during the regular school year. The breaks already existing for teacher workdays and parent-teacher conferences are hard enough on working parents.)

We’re still cleaning out Taz’ cluttered room in preparation for painting it. He wants green, John Deere green in honor of the farm tractors, despite not having any curtains or bed linens that would look well with that color. Grrrr. SOTD: Sonoma Scent Studio “Classic” tester. I wore this last week and didn’t like it, and then once again and did. Didn’t like it again today: celery and vanilla and jasmine. Made me queasy.

Did some normal-Saturday cleaning ahead of time. SOTEvening: Parfum Sacre.

Saturday, Oct. 1: Finished the Saturday cleaning and helped Taz get the little bits-o’-stuff that were hiding behind pieces of furniture (tiny Legos, broken crayons, torn tissues, etc.) into the trash. Then fed everyone lunch. Bookworm and I went to the high school and got on a bus to go to a marching band competition. Three and a half hours’ ride each way… arrrgh. Cold and windy today, with rain showers. I chose Givenchy Organza Indecence as the SOTD. Yum.

PCHS band in competition, Oct. 1. Wide shot showing the military photo props being turned forward.

The PCHS band scored fairly well, though it was hard for me to judge how well it went since I was on the field, steadying one of our show props against the wind.  (A word about the show: it’s called “American Faces,” and features music ranging from the folk song “Simple Gifts” to “American Elegy,” with bits of “The Star-Spangled Banner” scattered through the medley.  The props depict four former band members who are currently serving in the armed services; we’ve got their band photos next to their military photos.)

A closer shot of the props. That's my hand there at the right side of Alex' band photo, and my (wet) jeans-clad legs underneath.

It was cold enough to give most of the brass and woodwinds tuning problems. This might not have mattered so much, except that we have sideline percussion instruments such as marimbas, and they are not as affected by temperature, so the contrast between the sideline percussion and the rest of the instruments was pretty bad. However, it’s not a thing that can be controlled, and I think the judges took this factor into account. It was approximately 42F when we hit the field, and it only got colder from that point, especially after it started, yes, raining.

PETBoy's trumpet solo.

(Poor PETBoy’s lips were actually purple with cold. I saw them.) And then, the host high school band boosters’ concession stand ran out of the delicious-smelling grilled burgers and hot dogs we’d been tantalized by all afternoon, while getting ready to take the field and then while we were putting away the equipment. So we headed home at 9:45 pm, all of us cold, wet, tired, and hungry, but carrying a “Superior” rating and several awards. Bookworm and I got home after 1 am, made ourselves a couple of quickie quesadillas to stave off starvation, and went to bed.

Sunday, Oct. 2: At breakfast, outside temperatures were 39F/4C, chilly enough to encourage The CEO to finally turn on the heat in the house! (European readers are probably laughing at me right now.) The CEO and the boys and I got up early, ate cereal and went to the 9:00 am church service, leaving poor exhausted Bookworm to sleep a little later and go to a 10:45 am service at PETBoy’s church. SOTMorning was Rose Kashmirie, which reminds me of a raspier Tocade. Tocade is already plenty raspy-smoky for me, and I don’t think I could wear RK often.

When PETBoy brought her home, he stayed and ate Breakfast for Lunch with us (bacon, scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins, and blackberries). High temps for the day were in the mid-50sF – that’s 13C for you metric-minded – and it did finally become rather pleasant though still windy. Gaze and Taz got in a fight following a game of one-on-one football in the front yard, which ended in name-calling and stomping into the house.  Sigh.

My throat is sore.  So is Gaze’s, and he’s running a fever, poor baby.  SOTAfternoon: ultra-comfy Shalimar Light.

All band photos by Band Booster President Extraordinaire Nicole Ward, proud mother of a tuba player.  Photo of PETBoy and Bookworm by The CEO.

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PCHS marching band, pregame 9/2/11, photo by David Gravely Photography

Monday, Aug. 29: Absolutely gorgeous weather! SOTD: Liz Taylor Violet Eyes. Wrote some today, did some laundry, finally finally finally sent out a couple of swap packages (it helped that I finally figured out how to do a Paypal shipping label so I could just dump the envelopes in the mailbox!!). SOTE: Shalimar Light, which might be too heavy, but it just feels right. Gaze likes this one, and so do I. It was nice for a dinner at Hotel Roanoke with the Virginia Cattlemen Board – which, yes, does include female members. The CEO has been at this convention all day, and will stay overnight for tomorrow’s meetings, but I just got to drop in for a filet mignon dinner and nice conversation. I got to go home and sleep in my own bed, because somebody has to take the kids to school tomorrow.

Tuesday, Aug. 30: SOTD: Violet Eyes again, for review. Nice. Not groundbreaking, but very pleasant. Bought Bookworm some shoes for Homecoming, which are just the cutest things I’ve ever seen, silver sandals with a court heel, size 5. The boys got home late from school; their bus was late because of wasps. I’m not sure, exactly, how the wasps come into it, but that’s what they said, “because of wasps.” Eek. Shalimar Light again for bedtime. In terms of smell, it was a repeat of yesterday, but that’s okay.

Wednesday, Aug. 31: Did some laundry and worked on Bookworm’s Homecoming dress most of the day. It’s pretty, a short teal strapless dress that she wanted me to add straps to; I found this gorgeous teal mesh ribbon with silver embroidery and silver sequins, to make straps out of. She’s going to look so beautiful in it. SOTMorning: Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, in parfum. I’ve worn it several times before, so I’ll be posting a review Thursday. Took Taz for his haircut. SOTEvening: Citizen Queen. Delish, as Rachael Ray says.

Thursday, Sept. 1: It’s been hot today and the previous couple of days. The yard needs mowing because of some timothy and other grass heads poking up, but it’s very dry so I think I’ll wait. There will not be a family get-together on Labor Day this year. This is making me sad – we didn’t do Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day either, all holidays that my extended family usually celebrates together. Aunt Doris and Aunt Becky usually plan it and let everyone know a few days ahead of time what to bring and where we’ll be. This year, though, in the wake of my grandmother’s death, nobody seems to want to do anything. And since my usual habit is to wait to hear from the aunts, it didn’t occur to me to ask if I could arrange something, even just a sandwiches-and-lemonade lunch. It’s a bit late now. Then, too, my parents and aunts (and spouses) just returned from a ten-day tour of the Rockies and points west, and my mom told me she and Dad were just “so tired,” it may be that nobody feels up to it. Sigh.

SOTD: Shalimar Light. Again. First day back to Community Chorus since spring. We’ve got some good music for the December concert, and some that I’m not so crazy about, but that’s par for the course.

Friday, Sept. 2: Another hot day. I did not mow. SOTD: Aftelier Amber. I don’t think I’m really much of a dry-incense amber person. This smells fine but is just… not-me.

It was very, very humid. The CEO was busy fixing a leaking water line in one of the fields, and wasn’t sure that he’d be able to make it to the football game, so I went without him. It started to sprinkle on me as I left the house, but then it seemed to clear up and I was looking forward to seeing the band. (I could not possibly care less about the football, I love band.) This is the first time the band would be in full uniform this year, and I had planned to take some pictures. SOTE: Le Temps d’une Fete. As it happened, just as the band marched onto the track and around the field for the pregame show, there was lightning. So of course the game had to be postponed half an hour. I called home to tell The CEO that he might make it if he came later. And then there was more lightning, so the game was postponed again. The third time the game was postponed, the band went back to the school to get under roof, so some of the other band parents and I went with them. Of course, by then all the kids were wet to some degree, and those wool-and-polyester uniforms don’t smell great when wet. Not to mention the sweat. Our poor drum major, Cody, was dripping with it. (Our other drum major, Charlie – Charlotte – was smart, and stripped down to shorts and tank top immediately so her uniform wouldn’t get sweaty.)

Then we got word that the game would be postponed to Saturday, either at 1 pm or 7:30 pm. An evening game made sense to me and most of the other parents, but then the announcement was made that the game would be played at 1:00. This is Virginia Tech country, and since VT had a game scheduled at that time, an afternoon game was going to be problematic. So many of the band members were not going to be able to attend the Saturday game that the director decided they would not march. Dang. The CEO came over to talk to me while we were waiting for the announcement, and told me that I smelled great. The man has good taste!

Saturday, Sept. 3: Cleaned house again, the usual Saturday thing. The CEO went to Bookworm’s cross-country meet. (She did well, placing 13th in a field of about 60 girls.) I went to the make-up football game to help work the concessions stand with the Band Boosters, and it was so hot and humid that we thought we might DIE in that little booth. We weren’t even cooking hot dogs – they’d all been thrown away after the previous night’s game, because the health inspector doesn’t allow us to keep and refrigerate them. All we had was pizza, nachos, popcorn, drinks and various types of candy, and we sold out of everything except candy by the end of the game, since we hadn’t had the chance to restock drinks after the first game attempt. (The football team fumbled on the 1-yard line near the end of the game, and lost by a touchdown. And there was no band. Grrrrr.) SOTD: Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes, nice and light so it didn’t interfere with food, but musky enough to stick around for several hours.

Came home and took a shower, after my four hours in 91F heat and 87% humidity. SOTEvening: Le Temps d’une Fete again. It started raining at about 5:15 pm, so I suppose the decision to play at 1 pm was not as boneheaded as it appeared to be.

Bookworm and I have been fiddling with her hair, trying to find a hairstyle she can wear to Homecoming. She wants to wear it up, but she’s got a cross-country meet about two hours away that morning, and she won’t get back in time to have a style done professionally; it’ll have to be something I can do myself. What we tried tonight stayed in place for a couple of hours, but the hairpins were showing. Back to the drawing board.

Sunday, Sept. 4: Got up early to fill a vacancy in the preschool class at church. Wore Le Temps d’une Fete again since it just seems right. Came home, made lunch, cleaned up kitchen, mowed grass.   Booooring.

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