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Summer Picks, 2011

Summer Meadow, Windows 7 wallpaper from snegidhi.com. My summer did not look like this!

Well, as the season winds down, I have to note that it’s been one weird summer. First the weather was sort of chilly and wet, and then it zoomed all of a sudden into hot and dry, and then it went into miserably hot and miserably humid, and stuck there. Worse, none of the fragrances I usually look forward to wearing in the summer have been hitting the spot for me.

If you look at last summer’s picks, zero out of five of them would make this year’s list: Silences feels too mean, Fleur de Matin and Rose d’Ete feel too light, (the first) Ines de la Fressange and Vamp a NY seem too sweet. I did wear Rose d’Ete and Vamp a few times, but I wasn’t all that happy in them this year; they just seemed inadequate.

I have gone back over older Scent Diaries back to June – which isn’t Official Summer but feels like it – to pinpoint what I’ve been wearing when I haven’t been testing things. Here are the fragrances that I wore most often:

Mary Greenwell Plum

DSH Chypre oil

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur

DelRae Amoureuse

Vintage Coty Emeraude PdT and Shalimar Light (tie, for cosy bedtime wear)

Cuir de Lancome

See what I mean by weird? None of my usual lightweight summery florals, no galbanum-greenies, no aldehydies. I don’t think I’d say that my taste is changing; I still like those light florals and galbanumy greens and aldehydic florals. They have just seemed inappropriate for our weather, and I’ve been craving darker, heavier items.

If I try to analyze what has been on the “crave list,” I’m coming up with this: chypre, amber, and Big White Floral. Excepting the BWFs, that is not my normal summer mode. I can’t figure it. Plum is a white-floral modern chypre with a fleeting fruity top, Amoureuse is primarily a white floral with some green and spice, Voile de Fleur is straight-up white floral, and both Emeraude and Shalimar Light are lightweight orientals. Cuir de Lancome is as much floral as it is leather, and it’s the only leather I own, so I suppose it’s technically a chypre. DSH Chypre is, duh, a chypre, with some bitter citrus, background florals, and the classic oakmoss-patchouli-labdanum character.

(Incidentally, every single person in my family besides me hates Chypre. I don’t care.)

On the other hand, I have not suddenly discovered a love for citrusy cologne-type things, so that is at least some reassurance that I have not been taken by the alien pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

It’s the end of August. School has already started for Bookworm, at the magnet school for science, and the county begins classes on Thursday. A month from now, Bookworm will be eligible for her real (not learner’s) driver’s license. Although September 21 might mark the official end of summer, summer’s already on its way out. Temperatures this morning were in the 50sF, and there’s a lightening of the humidity over the past week or so. The first high school football game will be Friday, and it will still be too hot for the band to wear their wool uniforms, but they’ll be there in the stands, playing Stand Up and Cheer, and Jai-Ho, and Seven Nation Army.

Summer’s nearly over. Leaves are turning yellow, grass is starting to die, the mountains are losing that smoky blue haze…is it still summer where you are?

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